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The sale of your company can involve many thoughts and decisions along the way, as one often has a personal connection to the business and its employees.

In collaboration with you, Copenhagen Corporate Finance develops scenarios for future development and advises on the right sales strategy to ensure the sale can be executed to achieve the best price and terms.

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your company's financial performance and current situation, and with that knowledge, we create a financial model with various growth scenarios.

As part of the process, we focus on finding the most suitable match in the form of a stand-alone sale to a new investor, private equity fund, or existing market players with potential for consolidation through vertical or horizontal integration. We ensure contact with relevant investors in our network, which extends widely across Denmark and internationally, the latter in close collaboration with our corporate finance colleagues in the Pandea Global M&A network.

When we receive offers from potential investors, we will advise you in comparing offers and negotiating terms with the buyer.

Focus Areas:

At Copenhagen Corporate Finance, we have M&A experience across various industries and can provide advice across sectors. We have a particular focus on:

  • Business Services
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Real Estate
  • Retail and Industrials
  • Technology, Media, and Communications


When acquiring a company, considerations about the background and objectives of the acquisition are crucial. Whether you are an industrial buyer looking to expand your market share or a key employee within the company seeking active ownership?

We can assist in avoiding important pitfalls and provide an objective valuation of the target company. Additionally, we can contribute to the negotiation process.We will analyze potential acquisition candidates and calculate potential synergies.

We assist with market screening and provide advice in the bidding process based on purchase mandates, including guidance in management buy-outs.

Copenhagen Corporate Finance also regularly supports international Private Equity funds in their acquisitions in Denmark.

Strategic advisory

In close collaboration with the company's owners/management, we analyze the future strategic development of the business.

Copenhagen Corporate Finance supports the execution of the company's strategic plan through a long-term partnership, which can focus on growth, attracting new investors, and/or an exit for current owners after a certain period.

We prioritize providing professional and comprehensive advisory services and aim to establish a long-term partnership with the company and its owners, ideally as a Trusted Advisor.

Furthermore, we advise companies on financial restructuring, and we act as advisors/consultants for financial creditors in relation to distressed companies.

Financing/Capital raising

Copenhagen Corporate Finance provides advisory services on financing and capital raising for business growth, generational transitions, and more.

Injection of new capital can be achieved through the expansion of equity from new investors or debt financing from private or financial lenders.

Based on the individual company's strategy, ownership structure, and financial situation, the most optimal future capital structure is tailored.

Through contact with private investors, private equity and venture capital funds, companies, and financial institutions, the aim is to assist the company in obtaining the desired capital on favorable market terms.

Our team has many years of experience in the financial sector, the venture industry, and other sectors, and the team's extensive network is leveraged in the advisory process for capital procurement, benefiting both small and large businesses.

Financial Services

Several members of our team have extensive management experience in the financial sector, providing deep insights into customer and market competition parameters, financial products, and financial regulations.

Copenhagen Corporate Finance has assisted in the establishment of various alternative investment funds (AIFs) in the form of equity-based funds, venture capital funds, real estate funds, and advised on the establishment/development of capital managers, including investment firms, financial advisors, and managers of alternative investment funds (AIFMs).

In this capacity, we have assisted in the development of strategy and business plans, policies/procedures, and engaged in dialogue with the Financial Supervisory Authority and other authorities.

Our financial knowledge is seamlessly integrated into our other advisory services. Additionally, our partners are available to serve on company boards.

Real Estate

Copenhagen Corporate Finance has many years of experience regarding sales and financing of properties, acting both as a corporate finance advisor and with experience in the management of real estate and financial companies.

In the context of the sale or purchase of investment properties, our advisory services are based on a structured process. We will assess the property's value and provide suggestions for optimizing its sale value.

During a sales process, we will reach out to a broad network of investors, including involvement of our international partners, to find the right investor and the optimal value.

If your company requires financing for an investment property or its development, we also have the necessary expertise.

With Copenhagen Corporate Finance, you have a trustworthy advisory partner with in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry.