Advisory services for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) tailored to medium and smaller-sized businesses


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Your independent corporate finance advisor

We provide M&A advisory services. Our focus is on the Mid-market, as well as owner-managed companies

Value for the company, its customers, owners, and investors is created by the right team that executes the company's strategic ambitions. We strive to provide advice on how the company's ownership and capital structure, as well as its financial aspects, can optimally support long-term value creation.

As an independent corporate finance boutique, we actively contribute to business owners by providing guidance in the sale or acquisition of companies (M&A). We assist in the initial considerations for initiating a sales process, including exploring options, timing, and more. Subsequently, we conduct a thorough preparation and readiness for a sales process, and we organize a well-structured and well-documented sales process with the aim of achieving the best price and terms.

We focus on transactions in the Mid-market and for SME companies with values ranging from 5m - 50m EUR.


Our corporate finance advisory services also encompass financing and capital raising, as well as strategic guidance

In close collaboration with the company, we focus on providing advice on capital raising in the form of both equity and debt financing, and we manage communication with private investors, funds, and financial institutions.

As part of our advisory services, we offer strategic guidance related to the future growth of companies, including necessary adjustments. This often leads to subsequent M&A processes or the need for financial restructuring of the company.

At Copenhagen Corporate Finance, we prioritize providing professional and comprehensive advisory services, and we aim to establish long-term partnership with the company and its owners, preferably as a Trusted Advisor.


An investment banking boutique owned by its partners

With Copenhagen Corporate Finance as your financial advisor, you can expect a structured process where our experienced partners will be involved from start to finish.

We are a part of a broad international network of selected M&A advisory firms with 58 offices in 33 different countries. This network allows us to engage international investors/buyers in the sale of your company or present your business to selected acquisition candidates for further international expansion.