Assisting companies with their strategic development


A trusted sparring partner to banks and corporations

Strategic growth/restructuring

Strategic growth/ restructuring

Strategic growth - restructuring - exit strategies

We provide business owners and the management team with a wide range of strategic advisory services, including restructuring and exit strategies.

Through our analysis-based approach, we analyze the future strategic direction of the company, in order to support the execution of the company’s strategic plan, which could include supporting growth, attracting new investors, rebalancing and/or an exit strategy for the current owners.

Our approach is based on trust, with the aim of creating long-term partnerships with clients, which is why working efficiently and in close cooperation with the management team and the owners of the company is of utmost importance to us.

We further advice on financial restructuring on behalf of financial creditors, acting as consultants and/or members of the board within companies in financial distress.

Restructuring support for companies

Solving financial challenges for the benefit of all stakeholders

At Copenhagen Corporate Finance, we have extensive experience working with companies facing complex financial challenges, and we have participated in a number of successful restructurings.

In these situations, it is vital that the company cooperates with the right team of advisors to solve the challenges as early as possible. As advisors, our purpose is to support companies in the process of finding and executing the required actions and to rebalance assets and liabilities with the aim of creating the best possible environment for the company’s long-term survival and its owners.

We further assist financial creditors in dealing with the financial challenges of their customers, when asked to participate in the restructuring of companies. Our services can include active involvement in the board of directors or the daily management of the company. 


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