Advice on the company's capital structure and financial conditions


Acting as the link between the company and its investors

Raising Capital

Raising capital

Advice on capital structure and financial conditions are key to the company's strategic development

Copenhagen Corporate Finance provides advice to small and medium sized businesses on raising capital to support corporate objectives such as strategic growth, development of capital and a smooth transfer of ownership.

Based on the strategy, ownership structure and financial situation of each individual company, we organize a structured process, aimed at assisting the company in acquiring both the required capital and the right capital.

Our team has great experience from the financial sector and a strong network consisting of private equity firms, venture funds, financial institutions, private investors, family offices and private companies, at the benefit of the client.


Structured processes

Creating a joined foundation and ambition

At Copenhagen Corporate Finance, we work closely with the various stakeholders, creating a well-structured and professional process, which is tailored specifically to the need of the individual client.

As an illustration, a process of raising capital typically consist of the following phases:

  • The start-up phase - Reconciliation of the task, timing, and consultancy
  • The preparation phase - Description of the company's strategy, business case, and financial structure
  • The sales phase - Dialogue with potential investors and/or lenders and management presentations
  • Closing - Negotiations with investors and/or lenders and final agreement


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