16. March 2018

Viramal – Raising of additional capital

Copenhagen Corporate Finance has through the spring assisted and completed the raising of additional capital for Viramal Limited. During this round Viramal has welcomed primarily new Danish investors.

The completed capital increase finalise the Series-A round and is securing the capital base for the company’s further development.

Viramal is an English pharmaceutical business with a strong Danish affiliation by the Danish CMO and their working relationship with multiple Danish companies.

The vision of Viramal is to improve the standard of living for millions of women through an innovative technology platform with a wide application potential in pharmaceutical products. Viramal is an attractive company with a great potential reflected in the experienced team, the IP-rights, multiple very interesting pharmaceutical products in development and the first signed licensing agreement in Canada.  

Copenhagen Corporate Finance is planning an initiation of a Series-B round of investment for Viramal. Please contact Copenhagen Corporate Finance for further information.