07. February 2022

Copenhagen Corporate Finance facilitates roadshow and seminars together with the innovative investment fund AidanN US Equities ESG A/S

The AidanN fund's main characterics are:

  • Exposure in the US stock market through investing in S&P 500 stocks
  • Investment in ESG-screened companies (Environmental, Social & Governance)
  • Sophisticated investment strategy using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning
  • Long-Short fund providing protection against large falls in the market
  • Built-in early-warning features in the form of stop-loss and profit-taking

The fund was established in July 2020 and delivered a positive USD return of 25.98% and DKK return of 36.19% in 2021, net of all costs. The start of 2022 has been marked by negative corrections in the stock market. In January 2022, after costs, AidanN delivered a return of -0.14% measured in USD, in the same period the S&P 500 TR fell by -5.18% and with an increase in USD/DKK, the return was in DKK 1.47%. The result meets the AidanN's goal of an annual positive absolute USD return as well as providing protection when the market falls.

AidanN seminars on 8th and 9th March 2022 in Copenhagen


  • Welcome and introduction by Thorleif Krarup, Chairman of the Board of AidanN
  • Developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Applied Investment by Thomas Zheng, CTO AidanN
  • How to build a diversified investment portfolio by Kim Asger Olsen, CEO of Origo Consulting
  • AidanN's performance since its establishment in July 2020 by Nicolai Winding, CEO of AidanN

Please, send your registration to khn@aidann.dk or info@cocofi.dk with the desired date for your participation.

AidanN roadshow 7.-10. March 2022 in Denmark

It is possible to learn more about AidanN in one-to-one meetings with Nicolai Winding, CEO, and Thomas Zheng, CTO (located in San Diego, USA). Contact Karin Horn Nielsen to find out more at khn@cocofi.dk or tel. +45 20800667. If required, the meetings can be held online.

AidanN US Equities ESG A/S is registered with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority as an alternative investment fund (AIF) and is aimed at professional investors who invest a minimum of DKK 750,000 and are aware of risks.

Who is behind AidanN

The portfolio management in the fund is handled by AidanN as manager and led by the founders CEO Nicolai Winding and CTO Thomas Zheng. Thomas is with his team of AI developers in San Diego responsible for the underlying technical development. The management is supported by a competent Board of Directors with solid experience from the financial sector consisting of Chairman of the board Thorleif Krarup (FinTech investor and former CEO of Nordea), Niels-Ulrik Mousten (board member of PFA, Nykredit Invest etc. and former CEO of Danske Capital), Georg Andersen (among others former Managing Director of Nykredit Markets) and Erik Urskov (CEO of Copenhagen Corporate Finance).