01. March 2019

AidanN - Raising Capital

Copenhagen Corporate Finance has acted as exclusive financial advisor to AidanN in the process of raising capital from new seed-investor in the spring of 2019. 

AidanN's ambition is to establish an investment fund focusing on investing in selected shares in the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index. The target is to deliver positive annual returns as well as provide protection in a declining market.  AidanN uses artificial intelligence (AI) in analysing as well as selection, composition and the portfolio management.

In recent years, AidanN has developed investment models in which stocks are selected and investment decisions are made on the basis of quantitative analyzes based on advanced self-learning algorithms (Artificial Intelligence). The use of AI enables AidanN to constantly analyze very large amounts of market data. The portfolio composition is determined by exposures and allocations being determined by historical standard deviations and by the theory of optimal portfolios.

The capital raised has enabled AidanN to finalize the technical development and preparation for setting up a new Danish hedgefund.