04. June 2020

Exclusive advisor for AidanN's investment fund

Copenhagen Corporate Finance has acted as exclusive financial advisor to AidanN ApS in establishing their AI-driven investment fund AidanN US Equities ESG A/S.

AidanN US Equities ESG A/S invest in ESG compliant companies within the S&P 500 stock index. The investment fund hand picks a portfolio of stocks based on quantitative analysis performed by artificial intelligence (AI). This allows for quantitative analysis of vast amounts of market data, facilitating datadriven decision-making.

The objective of the investment fund is to minimize portfolio volatility (risk), while achieving a positive annual return, regardless of the market conditions. This is achieved by holding both long and short positions at all times, chosen on technical analysis, trends and trading patterns. This strategy has been back tested over a 5+ year period and it has delivered better returns than the S&P 500 benchmark with a lower risk and a lower drawdown.

The company behind AidanN is managed by CEO Nicolai Winding and CTO Thomas Zheng, with the latter being based in San Diego, USA along with his team of developers. The management team is supported by an experienced Board of Directors including Thorleif Krarup (Former CEO of Nordea), Niels-Ulrik Mousten (member of the Board of Directors of PFA and Nykredit Invest), Georg Andersen (Former director of Nykredit Markets) and Erik Urskov (CEO of Copenhagen Corporate Finance).

Besides delivering a high risk-adjusted return, AidanN intends to make investments, which contributes to economic growth in a sustainable way. Therefore, AidanN US Equities ESG has implemented a screening process, which ensures that all investments are compliant with the fund’s ESG requirements. AidanN does not invest in weapons, tobacco, thermal coal or companies, which does not comply with the UN’s Global Compact goals for human rights, labor rights, environment, business echtics and anti-corruption.

For more information about the strategy, the results or opportunities for potential investors, please contact Erik Urskov on phone +45 40733383 or email eu@cocofi.dk.