29. January 2021

AidanN enters into a partnership with HC Andersen Capital

AidanN, manager of alternative investment funds, has entered into a collaboration with HC Andersen Capital on Digital Investor Relations. HC Andersen Capital offers to digitize the relationship between companies and investors with the overall goal to make companies more visible to investors. Their digital solution makes it easier to find information, analyzes and interviews with Management in order to make the investor's decision making easier and better. The need for Digital IR has increased significantly as investor meetings, road shows, etc. has been made more difficult to carry out after covid-19.

AidanN and HC Andersen Capital have built their business model around a digital platform, and both companies see great value in the collaboration. AidanN hopes the collaboration can help increase investors’ awareness of AidanN and the fund AidanN US Equities ESG as well as the investors' benefits of incorporating the fund into their portfolios.

The first step in the collaboration is expected to be an event in the form of a webinar, focusing on AidanN.

AidanN US Equities ESG A/S is an AI-driven investment fund that invests in companies with an ESG profile included in the S&P 500 stock index. The objective of the investment fund is to minimize portfolio volatility (risk), while achieving a positive annual return. This objective is realized through a long-short strategy derived from comprehensive quantitative analyzes based on artificial intelligence (AI), which makes it possible to analyze large amounts of market data and make data-driven decisions.

Copenhagen Corporate Finance is engaged by AidanN to act as an intermediary for the fund and has been the initiator in the establishment of the collaboration between AidanN and HC Andersen Capital.