13. October 2020

The Fund has been actively investing since 1 July 2020 and has generated a return of 2,25%.

In a volatile September market, AidanN US Equities ESG has realized a return of -1,16% in USD after costs. This should be compared to Standard & Poor´s 500 TR (S&P 500) index, which has decreased by -3,80% in the same period.

During the month, the major technology stocks fell sharply. AidanN realized these positions early and held a short position around 40% of the entire index. As a result, the portfolio´s return was less affected compared to the (development of the) index.

“In a volatile market, it is important to act strictly and consistently in relation to the strategy”

Nicolai Winding, CEO and Founder of AidanN

The purpose of AidanN US Equities ESG is to create an absolute positive return in a long-term perspective.

Year to date 2020, the fund has generated a positive return of 11,40% and since July 1 2020, when the fund went live, a return of 2,25%.

The concept for AidanN is based on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze all stocks contained in the S&P 500, with the aim of selecting the stocks that are expected to increase or decrease in value the coming month.

The fund strategy makes it possible to both “go long”, ie. invest in share/positions that are expected to increase in value, and “go short”, ie. invest in shares/positions that are expected to decrease in value the coming period.

Based on a comprehensive analysis of historical transaction data on individual stocks, knowledge is built up in a self-learning model, in order to select the shares that are to be included in the coming month´s portfolio.

After identification of the stocks for which there is the greatest expectation of a increase and decrease, and their historical variance, a portfolio is composed. This portfolio consists of 50 to 400 shares/positions to ensure a large diversification. The portfolio only contains shares that meet the fund´s requirements for ESG sustainability.

We would like to inform you further about this unique investment fund either by a personal meeting or by submission of investor material.

For more information about the fund´s strategy, results and opportunities for potential investors please contact Erik Urskov (tel. +45 4073 3383, email eu@cocofi.dk) or Henrik F. Stoltenberg (tel. +45 2898 8995, email hfs@cocofi.dk).

Copenhagen Corporate Finance is engaged by AidanN ApS (Manager) to act as an intermediary of the product.